Ethics and Social Responsibility

Explain Current Trends in Ethics and Social Responsibility

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Prepare a presentation with PowerPoint Global business ethics and social responsibility are increasingly important to consumers, and organizations must have a plan in place for their ethics and social responsibility efforts that consumers can read and understand. Consumers are savvier than ever and expect transparency in the companies they do business with; and within that transparency, they expect to see positive ethics and social responsibility practices throughout all countries in which the company operates.

For this task, conduct research on today’s current trends in ethics and social responsibility in business. To ensure that current points of view are considered, locate scholarly works no more than three years old to support this assignment.

Assume you were asked to serve as a guest presenter in an undergraduate-level business ethics course. Include the following in your video lecture:

Explain current trends in business ethics and social responsibility.
Explain how social media and marketing exposure have impacted existing digital ethics and social responsibility policies. Think of globalization as you prepare your response. Include examples from a company outside the United States.
Discuss how you would incorporate business ethics and social responsibility into research that you conduct within your specialization.
Recommend ethical standards as though you were running the organization.

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