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1. Westover Electric, Inc.

Westover Electrical, Inc. is a medium sized Houston manufacturer of wire windings used in making electric motors. Joe Wilson, Operations Manager, has experienced an increasing problem with rejected product found during the manufacturing operation. “Iâ€m not sure where to begin,” said Joe at the weekly staff meeting with his boss. “Rejects in the Winding Department have been killing us the past two months. Nobody in operations has any idea why. I have just brought in a consultant, Roger Gagnon, to take a look at the situation and make recommendations about how we can find out what is going on. I hope Roger can point us in the right direction.” Gagnonâ€s first stop later that day was the production floor. His discussions with the

production supervisors in the Winding Department indicated they had no real grasp of what the problem was or what to do to correct it. A tour of the winding operation indicated that there were three machines that wound wire onto plastic cores to produce the primary and secondary electric motor windings. After inspection by Quality Control (QC), these windings then went to the Packaging Department. Packaging personnel, Gagnon found, inspect their own work and make corrections on the spot. The problem is that too many windings were found to be defective and require reworking before they can be packaged. Gagnonâ€s next stop was the Quality Control Department where he obtained the records

for the past monthâ€s Winding Department rejects (Table 1

– For data, please download the Excel file DATA

– Westover Electric Inc.

Put yourself in Roger Gagnonâ€s place and conduct analyses to identify the source(s) of quality

problems at Westover Electric, Inc. You can use any number of the seven basic Statistical

Process Control (SPC) tools (except control charts) that you see fit for the problem. These tools are presented in the article


Your printed report (maximum 2 pages, double spaced, 12 point font size, excluding

the supporting materials) should identify the

source(s) of quality problems and suggest the steps that may be taken to

eliminate them. Please be sure to justify your recommendations by linking them to your

analysis. Attach all charts, graphs, tables or any other supporting materials used in the analysis

to your printed report.There is no page limit for the supporting material

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