Examine the challenges and barriers to successfully using technology to solve the clinical problem.

Imagine that you have been approached by your supervisor and asked to develop research-based solutions to the clinical problem identified in your Unit 7 assignment. Your supervisor requests that you submit your report to her. Later on you will make a presentation to the entire staff and lead a strategy about how to implement the solutions you have uncovered.
For this assignment you will continue to build your knowledge base regarding the problem in your professional practice that you posed in the last assignment. Expand upon your existing knowledge through the review of at least five more peer reviewed journal articles. You should have at least 10 scholarly sources for your paper. Propose an evidence-based solution aligned with the research from the literature.
In your writing be sure to address the following:
Analyze a clinical problem that requires an evidence-based solution.
?What is the clinical problem?
?What is the current practice in the setting?
?Describe factors that contribute or impact the problem.
Synthesize research results from the evidence.
?What are the patterns and trends you see?
?What are the differences among the articles in regard to the research findings and conclusions?
Analyze the transferability of solutions to the clinical problem in professional practice.
?Assess the similarities and differences between the contexts of the research project compared to the context of your professional practice.
?Describe how the results of the studies might be transferred to your professional practice.
Analyze the impact of technology on the clinical problem.
?How does this technology address the clinical problem?
?What are the implications for using this technology in the healthcare setting (Impact to nursing staff different departments processes procedures)?
Propose an evidence-based solution aligned with the synthesis of evidence.
?What would be an evidence-based solution based on best practices from your research?
Describe any ethical considerations in implementing the evidence-based solution.
?What ethical considerations need to be addressed?
Examine the challenges and barriers to successfully using technology to solve the clinical problem. ?What might be challenges to implementing or managing the technology needed to solve the clinical problem?
Assignment Requirements
Written communication: Writing is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
APA formatting: Resources and citations are in accordance with current APA style and formatting.
Number of resources: Minimum of 10 resources. T

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