Examine the importance of a safe environment in the healthcare industry. Analyze elements of and guidelines for infection control and hygiene in health care.

We have a requirement for SME for our Certified Nursing Assistant course. Applicants should be qualified Registered Nurses (RN) or the equivalent with good review skills, and preferably with experience in teaching nursing and writing or reviewing nursing-related online or other content.
The course details and requirements are as follows:
High school students (Grades 9-12)
multidisciplinary teams, communication, teamwork, cultural diversity, emotional and mental health, medical terminology, acronyms, abbreviations, symbols, body structure, directional terminology, physiology, anatomy, nutrition and wellness, physical needs, preventive care and self care, data collection and reporting, safety, infection control, medical and surgical equipment, waste management, disease prevention and cost containment, standards, ethics, laws, scope of practice, and patients’ rights and choices
Some key objectives of this course:
Describe how multidisciplinary teams collaborate to deliver quality health care.
Identify effective communication that is crucial in health care.
Analyze the impact of cultural diversity on health care.
List ways to help patients and their families with their emotional and mental needs.
Learn about the history of medical terminology and describe the basic components of medical terms.
Identify medical abbreviations, acronyms, and symbols.
Identify the structure, planes, and cavities of the human body and their respective positions.
Examine the rights and choices of an individual for optimal health and wellness.
List and describe therapeutic and technical procedures to care for and assist patients.
Describe preventive care and self-care that patients and their families should be educated about.
List and describe data collection and reporting techniques for patient information.
Examine the importance of a safe environment in the healthcare industry.
Analyze elements of and guidelines for infection control and hygiene in health care.
Analyze the need for safe, sterilized medical and surgical equipment in healthcare organizations.
Analyze safe waste management techniques in health care.
Examine how disease prevention helps with healthcare cost containment.
Examine standards, ethics, and laws related to health care in the United States.
Discuss the scope of practice appropriate for patient care in the different healthcare pathways.
Learn about patients’ rights regarding their health care, including the right to privacy.
The main tasks in the project include:
1. Reviewing the course outline, which is the high level structure of the course based on the NNAAP curriculum and includes units, lessons, and lesson objectives, and identifying and addressing any gaps or discrepancies
2. Creating lesson outlines in MS Word templates, which should include how the instruction based on the lesson objectives should be covered in sections along with online references for the writer
3. Reviewing the lessons storyboards, which are in MS Word templates, which will include a combination of instructional text and interactions, and a set of objective assessment items to test students. Reviewing the lesson storyboards will include reviewing the text in the storyboards for the audio and onscreen content, and also detailed descriptions of the elements on screen for the development of multimedia, which our graphics team will use to produce the electronic lessons. The SME will need to assess the factual accuracy and depth of coverage and provide feedback and comments to address any gaps, errors, or discrepancies.
A walkthrough will be done for the templates that we use and any additional training pertaining to the form factor and our requirements will also be provided for the SME.
If interested, please revert with your updated resume and sample work in this area.

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