Example of Social Entrepreuernship

Example of Social Entrepreneurship
Your example of social entrepreneurship in your discipline or field (Computer Science) will likely be about three paragraphs long. Your example page should include:
an introduction to your field or profession
a brief introduction to the example project, product, or initiative
a brief history of the project or product (what need does it serve to fill? why was it developed?)
a short conclusion explaining how this is a good example of social entrepreneurship in your field or profession

You should include citations and links to materials that you are drawing from–for instance, if you’re summarizing from or quoting from a magazine article or another web page, cite that source. If you’re summarizing from or quoting from the week’s readings, cite that source. If you’re using another person’s image or video in your web page, cite that source.
I don’t care how you cite the source (APA, MLA, Chicago, AP style, etc.), but please do two things:

cite all of the sources of your information (text, images, etc.), and
cite your sources consistently. Almost every style guide requires author name, date of publication, title of page/publication, and where the piece was published.

There is an example:  
http://nursingentrepreneurs.weebly.com/ (note that this people included three examples)

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