Explain the appropriate type of test for the following scenario

There are three parts to this DB

1. Explain the appropriate type of test for the following scenario:

A storeowner plans to sell her business and claims the average customer spends $23 at her store. As a potential buyer, you want to test this claim. Explain what kind of test would be of most interest to you: left-tailed, right-tailed, or two-tailed?

2. Perform a hypothesis test

From Chapter 9 of the eText, choose any real-world application problem that asks you to perform a complete hypothesis test and solve the problem. Pay attention to the conclusion. The final answer should be in the context of the problem as you would state it to a client. List the page number and problem number and do not choose a problem that was done by another student.

3.Course Evaluation.

Follow the link below and CompleteCourse Evaluation.Course evaluation submissions are anonymous. The Administration will collect your responses without knowing who is the author of any individual submission

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