Explain the importance of nursing research for the professional RN as the role care provider manager and practicing member of the profession.

Explain the importance of nursing research for the professional RN as the role care provider manager and practicing member of the profession.

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150 words 1 reference within 5 years. must have in text citations that match reference. this is a response
Today’s health care has a high demand for applying research to health carebased on the best developmental scientific evidence. The biggest challenge in todays health care is providing evidence based cost effective quality care that will improve practice and overall patient outcomes. Only fifty five percent of the time patients get evidence based recommended course of treatment (Wolfe 2001). That means patients are not getting the latest standard of care not getting the care that the patients deserve.By conducting ongoing research the results generate knowledge in areas that indirectly affect nursing care process. As well as providing support for the quality and cost effectiveness of interventions.Nursing research provides the foundation for practice decisions and behaviors.The nursing profession needs to integrate evidence into practice to improve the nursing practice.Nurses have the opportunity and responsibility to make a difference to the quality of patient care by raising the profile of their research activity (Mccance 2006).Nursing is the key to maximizing evidence based outcomes and enhancing patient care.Nurses have incrediblycreative and solution focused ideas.For example research has been conducted on hospital acquired infections and hospital injuries occurring from patient falls. This research and development has improved outcomes tremendously. Organizations are seeing a decrease in both.
Explain the essential steps in nursing research
The essential steps in nursing research is first to identify a problem or question. Step one is formulating and delimiting the problem. Quantitative researchers begin by identifying an interesting significant researchproblem and developing research questions (Polit& Beck 2017). Having a personal interest in the problem or question is also extremelyhelpful. Step two is reviewing the related literature. Researchers will examine the already known knowledge and go over the existing practice guidelines or protocols. Step three is undertaking clinical fieldwork which involves having hands on seeing the problem for themselves. Step four is defining the framework and developing conceptual definitions. Step five is developing a a hypothesis the research question identifies the study concepts and asks how the concepts might be connected. Step six is selecting an overall plan for getting the answers to the question. Step seven creating protocols for the interventions. Step eight identifying all the individuals with the same characteristics. Step nine coming up with a sampling plan involving collecting data from a sample. Step ten Specifying methods to measure research variables this is the way the researcher will measure the variable. Step eleven is developing methods to preserve the rights of the humans or animals. Step twelve going over and finalizing the plan. Step thirteen is collecting all the data needed. Step fourteen is preparing the data for analysis. Step fifteenis analyzing the data. Step sixteen is interpretation which involves making sense of the results. Step seventeen is communicating the results and findings the resultsmust be shared. Step eighteen is finally utilizing the results in the nursing practice.
Compare the link between research and evidence-based practice (EBP)
Research and evidence-based practice (EBP) is very similar since they both start with a question. Research is investigating that aims to answer a question about nursing phenomena. Research is the study that tests the question to explore with unknown information. EBP is the collection of valid information combined with clinical experience and an understanding of patient and family values (Sackett Strauss RichardsonRosenburg & Haynes 2000). EBP appraises the literature for already completed study to find the best evidence to change practice. Not testing new information. Nurses have to evaluate and compare in order to improve clinical interventions. Basically EBP is searching literature and translating into practice to see if it works.
Explain the importance of nursing research for the professional RN as the role care provider manager and practicing member of the profession.
Nurses are the key factor to maximizing evidence based care and improving patient care.Research helps nurses to provide the best possible care to their patients by advancing their knowledge and skills.Research allows for critical thinking and decision making and outlines the guidelines that nurses practice by.Research also helps to protect the nurses in the work place.Nurses managers and practicing members of the profession all want better patient outcomes and do agree with EBP the problem is time. Engaging nurses in the process of evidence based practice and improving patient care has huge payoff’s for all involved the nurse the patient managers and organization. Research is everything to the nurse manager and health profession. For exampleresearch conducted on nurse burnout and how it can effect the overall outcome of patient care.



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