Explain the literature search process, such as the libraries you used, key words you searched online, etc.

Using the Capstone Course Project Guide as your template, simply highlight and insert your writing in the Literature Review section. *The Capstone template is the only format accepted for this assignment. Assignment should be 4-5 page(s), 1200 words minimum in length not including abstract, table of contents, title or reference pages.

The Literature Review section of your project consists of three parts:

Introduction to the Literature Review :A literature review explains the purpose of your proposed policy or initiative in relation to the theoretical framework that supports your topic and introduces your literature review topics while explaining why each article is significant. Explain the literature search process, such as the libraries you used, key words you searched online, etc.) so a reader can understand where your information came from.

Theoretical Framework: The theoretical framework ties your topic to a theory that you claim explains it. For example, Strain Theory might explain criminal behavior because… Describe the theory that supports your topic. Organize your theory discussion by introducing the theory overall, who created it, where it came from, the historical background, etc. Then delve into each premise of the theory and tie it to your topic. Be sure to give your readers a clear picture of the theoretical framework (underlying foundation of the problem of your topic) for your proposed policy or initiative, and how the theory appropriately supports your ideas herein. It is not enough to simply state that strain theory supports why people commit crime for example. For this section, you must provide the concepts and expectations of your theory that apply to the problem and explain how the theory and the findings of coping skills literature form an interrelated framework to support the problem and proposed policy or initiative.

Review of the Critical Literature The Review of the Critical Literature section includes three to five major themes or topics that are relevant to the problem you chose to address. All of the literature in this review is from scholarly journals, so everything in this section should be an article from a scholarly source. Be sure to begin this section with an introduction that explains what you are going to present here Identify your key themes and organize your literature review by theme including both the quantitative and qualitative information that corresponds with each theme under that theme. These level three headings do not and are not included in the table of contents. Simply add them here and do not edit the table of contents to reflect your thematic evaluations of each article in this section. This section is designed to offer structure and context to the proposed policy or initiative’s main problem. Using Bloom’s Taxonomy as your framework for this section, organize, present, analyze, and evaluate the relevant research connected to your topic. Include three to five journal articles per theme to really flesh out the literature you researched. Definitely do not only offer one article per theme. Offer at least two, but three to five is really ideal. Analysis and evaluate means that you will break aspects of each study apart, study each piece, and reassemble as a newly understood whole while attributing credibility and meaningfulness to each one. This section will strengthen your argument for why new policy or solutions are necessary for this societal problem. Make this section very persuasive. Conclude this section with a brief summary paragraph that ties all of the key pieces together for your reader in relation to your topic and proposed policy or initiative.

After having researched and studied literature reviews, begin this section with an introduction to your selected theoretical framework and another paragraph that contains introductions to the critical literature you will be discussing. Create level three headings to identify each new article, but remember to synthesize common themes together towards creating flow for your readers. Remember that APA format is a reader-based format that is grounded on not making the reader search for what words mean. Define uncommon terms and do not make assumptions that your readers know anything about your topic.



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