Explain why the NEP was unpopular with many Communists

Many Communists were devoted to fulfilling Mar’s Communist Manifesto and were upset by the NAP going against it. These were mainly the far leftists who openly protested against it as the farer right members saw that keeping the NAP for a longer time would help the revolution by being a “half way house” between Communism and Capitalism. Many Communists found it difficult to speak out against Lenin as he was almost God like amongst them and he saw the NAP as a short term solution.
Not only did the private ownership of business just upset Communists because it went against their ideology, it also meant that people who profited from their private businesses would be earning more than others which would lead to class divisions in society. The Communists wanted to break down all class barriers so that everyone would be equal. Not only this, class divisions could lead to political divisions, jeopardizing the Communist rule. Political divisions can’t happen in a Communist state.
It just can’t happen. The class divisions will be even more pronounced as unemployment is very high meaning living standards are dropping for some. Firstly, there shouldn’t be any unemployment in a Communist state because everyone is meant to have a place in society that is equal to everyone else. Secondly, dropping living standards turned people against the Communists. You’re not going to support a government when you’re worse off under them than you were before.

Many Communists blame the NAP for the peasants’ resentment of the overspent; although it probably was more to do with the fact the Communists were forcing a revolution to happen in a country that wasn’t ready. Privately owned businesses in many cases were doing better than state owned ones which reflected badly on the government. They were doing better because they would benefit personally from their own hard work and so had more motivation to work well whereas workers in the State businesses didn’t have that incentive.
Also, state owned businesses were struggling to each full productivity because of outdated machinery which resulted in high production costs of consumer goods and so prices were high. This was terrible for the economy and led to peasants withholding food or purposely growing less as it profited them more as they could sell it for more. This angered Communists as they were trying to increase grain production for their industrialization plans. The NAP was not producing the capital the state required to industrialist.
Even though they owned all the heavy production nines, they were losing out on the money made by the privately owned businesses plus the money from the peasants agriculture (which is going to pay for the industrialization of the LESSER) is going down thanks to them growing less or withholding more food! The NAP simply didn’t meet the needs of the USSR and the Communists said the USSR needed industrialist’s. So even though the NAP encouraged initiative amongst peasants and they loved being able to sell their grain on open markets, the Communists didn’t see this as enough of a gain and so opposed the NAP.

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