final paper for emergency preparedness for pregnant women and families with infants

Final Paper

a. Students will identify a topic in relation to special needs populations

  • Paper outline is due by 02/15/20 and should address the following:

· Abstract – An overview of the paper topic, importance of the topic etc. Begin your abstract with “The purpose of this discussion is to…”

· Targeted topics – Sample paper subheadings, major areas to be covered in your paper. Use bullets to help separate each subheading.

· Selected references – cite at least three at this point (but will need to cite more in final paper). Also, see “Annotated Bibliography” below.

· Expected conclusions – what you expect at this point, recognizing that your final conclusions may be different; expect to discuss the difference(s) in your final paper.

  • Annotated bibliography is due by 03/10/20. Annotation is simply a brief summary of the articles highlights, relevance to your paper etc. 5 Annotated bibliographies.

– My final Paper topic : Emergency preparedness for pregnant women and families with infants.

– I attached the paper outline please follow it as it written.

– Also, I attached 5 annotated bibliographies, add 5 more and send it to me tomorrow.

– Instruction:

– write a 3000-word paper (plus or minus 10%) that briefly describes the incident.

– Use Grammarly because it is count on grading.

– Avoid using this when starting a sentence.

– no less than 10 references.

– Use APA6 style in all your work.

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