Fluid Mechanic

  1. MYO problem 3.92. Changes: Gasoline has specific gravity 0.75. The level of gasoline is 1 ft higher than that of seawater.
  2. a) MYO prob 3.90. Changes: Problem is now to be solved using SI units. D1 = 2 cm, D2 = 6 cm and D3 = 10 cm. The atmospheric pressure is 101.35 kPa and the water vapor pressure is 2.3 KPa

b) The setup in part (a) was in San Diego with a balmy temperature of 20 ◦C. Suppose the setup was in Mumbai during a hot summer day of 35 ◦ C. Would the height h at which cavitation begins increase or decrease? Explain.

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  1. MYO 3.109
  2. a) MYO problem 4.14.

b) Find an analytical expression for the pathline of a particle released at the origin? Do you expect it to be the same as the streamline? Is it the same?

  1. A flow has the following velocity, v

u = 3x(1 − t) , v = 3y(−1 + t) , w = 0

a) Is it a 1D, 2D or 3D flow?

b) Is the flow steady or unsteady?

c) What is the equation for a streamline at t = 0 which passes through the point (3,3)? Plot the streamline.

d) What is the equation for the pathline of a particle which passes through the point (3,3) at t = 0. Show the positions of the particle at t = 0 , 0.5 and 1 on a plot.

  1. a) MYO problem 4.29.

b) Suppose the velocity of the water increases linearly with x between points 1 and 2. What are the convective and total acceleration at points 1 and 2.

  1. Problem 4.55

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