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Research and develop a Focus Paper that is designed as a Legal Analysis on a Focused Topic Area. Social justice administration must also consider the legal and ethical standards that criminal justice decision makers and policy makers pursue and enact. While we can argue that social justice and ethical embodiment are the foremost considerations in our system of criminal justice, these often nebulous concepts must subordinate themselves to the fact that the codified legal considerations are the primary decision makers in this specific system. And while social justice and ethics are not deciders in the legal realm, they are influential and often drivers of the ancillary and corollary decision making processes. With these considerations in mind, develop a paper that analyzes the legal aspects of a case as impacted by the ethical and social justice implications:

Topic: Select a legal case to review that involves all three concepts: Unethical behavior, illegal conduct, and a social injustice to critically review and analyze a specific legal case of the studentâ€s choosing (e.g. Bernard Madoff Fraud and Embezzlement Scandal).

Some questions for guidance from the professor.

  • Introduction: What is your thesis or theory? Why is this topic important to discuss in your paper?
  • • Review of relevant literature of the topic selected balancing all relevant issues found.
  • • Based upon the secondary research, what are the relevant issues and what is/are the logical, evidence-based conclusion(s) you can draw?
  • • Any recommendation(s) for change.

The student may use the mainstream media and other legal websites ( to conduct their research. This must be submitted as a Word document or Rich Text File (RTF) using the file name of the Studentâ€s last name and Type and Number in the following order: StudentLastName_A1_Focus_Research_Paper

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