gap in research

Topic Selection Assignments (2)
Topic Selection: Find a Gap — The student will select 3 topics related to the counseling profession. The topics and summaries of 3 peer-reviewed articles published within the last 5 years (one article per topic) will be submitted to the instructor for approval and feedback. The instructor will give the student feedback on his/her topic selections regarding which may be the most researchable and ethical topic, based on assignment requirements, and may recommend the student focus on one for subsequent assignments.  The proposal will not be completed as an experimental study, but rather as a proposal of a study that could be conducted in the future.

Topic Selection: Final Topic Selection — After receiving feedback from the Topic Selection: Find a Gap Assignment, the student will then resubmit the Topic Selection: Final Topic Selection Assignment, choosing one topic selection based upon the professor’s feedback, highlighting measurable variables for the Research Proposal Paper Assignment

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