gender socialization

1. For this assignment, you are to visit a local toy store, or the toy section in a department store, and analyze the toys in terms of gender socialization.
2. Choose any toy store or other store large enough to have its own toy section and approach it with open eyes and a clean slate.
3. Take some notes on what you see, paying attention to the toys and how they are marketed.
4. The paper should be a minimum of 750 words of text with a word count listed.

Points will be deducted for papers that are sloppily written and for those that are less than the required length. 
5. Look for the following for your write-up:
a. What are the differences between boys toys and girls toys?
b. How are they marketed/packaged?
c. From your own perspective, what lessons are boys and girls learning from these toys and their marketing?
d. Use information from the chapter material on Socialization (chapter 4) and tie in your observations to the material presented in the chapter. Make the chapter material explicit. 

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