God and Healing

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1. ” Like, the Babylonians, the Jews attributed healing and sickness to God”  (Sulmasy p. 49).  On p 52., we read about the Deuteronomic retribution , a theme that repeatedly recurs in the Hebrew Scriptures,as the ancients attempted to find reasons  and meaning for evil and suffering. Illness was considered a result of sin that could be attributed to the person or his/her ancestors. Disease and misfortune was a test of faithfulness to God. Today, we have scientific explanations for sickness, maladies and death. Unfortunately, not all people are so enlightened. Some  hold to the Deuteronomic retribution and offer it as rational and justification for medical problems. Provide an example of a contemporary illness that has been attributed to divine wrath and an explanation offered  by  those who claim the illnesses are punishments from God. (5 points)

2. The sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick  is one of the seven official sacraments of the Catholic Church and along with Reconciliation it is a sacrament of healing. The link will take you to the explanation  of the sacrament from the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Read the description. In a few sentences in your own words, describe two ways this sacrament seeks to minister to the sick in a spiritual manner. (5 points)

3. In  Chapter 5, Dialectic of Healing , pp. 64-76, Sulmasy  presents an argument for compassion as the fundamental value necessary for dealing with sickness and suffering.  Using your own words, explain what Sulmasy means.Identify one example of compassionate care you have observed in your professional experience that you have not previously cited.  Explain one way that your workplace and the healthcare field in general promote or hinder the practice of compassion for patients. (10 points )

4. In general, Sulmasy addresses his remarks to physicians. Share and explain the aspect which you feel is most importa (5 points)


MD, D. S., PhD, OFM.  (20060519). The Rebirth of the Clinic. [[VitalSource Bookshelf version]].  Retrieved from vbk://9781589014626nt for the nursing profession.

ADDITIONAL READING (to be references)
The Christian Meaning of Human Suffering
–Section I. Introduction- #1 and #4;
–Section II. The World of Human Suffering- #5 and ,#7 and #8;
–Section V. Sharers in the Sufferings of Christ –

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