Goodbye Mother Research Assignment

Using research information you have gathered on the author Reinaldo Arenas and the Cuban Revolution, analyze the short story Goodbye Mother. You will very few, if any, critical analyses on the story itself–this is intentional. What is the meaning of this metaphorical piece? Do you think Arenas is successful in conveying his interpretation of the Cuban Revolution? You must have a minimum of three citations, which includes the story.
Do NOT use Google, Yahoo or other non-academic site; your sources MUST come from academic sources such as found at the PBSC library site (see instructions regarding navigating the PBSC library site below). Please note that the 3 page requirement DOES NOT include your works cited page. Your works cited page is your fourth page. DO NOT use block quotes (quotations more than 4 typed sentences).

You are being tested on your ability to do the following in this assignment:

Conduct research

Synthesize research information and apply it in a critical manner to the story being analyzed

Correctly use MLA style

When writing your research paper on “Goodbye Mother,” please be sure to pay attention to the following:

1) Read the requirements of the paper carefully. 
2) Make sure your paper has the required MLA format. Among other things, this format includes a heading and header!
3) Always refer to the author’s full name when first mentioned. Never use the author’s first name only. You may use her/his last name but never only the first name. 
4) Remember, the story is always happening in the literary present tense. 
5) Remember to write the name of the story in quotation marks.: “Goodbye Mother” 
6) Make sure your paper has a works cited page that properly cites the sources used in your paper.

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