The second section (40% of the paper) will be related to your journal task. Over the course of the semester, your task with the journal is to record a minimum of 5 things for which you personally are grateful each day of the work week (Monday through Friday). Please use a fresh page for each day of the week. At the end of the week, you will take a photo of that weeks journal entries and upload the photo(s) to the appropriate Canvas assignment portal.
When it is time to write the second section of your paper, your personal journal will be your primary reference source. In this section, you will look back at the definitions and factors you described in the first part, and systematically evaluate how your own journaling experience did or did not relate to the social psychological literature. There are a number of ways to evaluate your journal, perhaps including word clouds or other data visualization techniques (ultra cool: You may choose to use other ways to understand your gratitude observations.
The third section (10% of the paper) will be related to reflecting on the task of self-monitoring. This task creates your own personal social psychological experience because it intentionally alters the situation in which you find yourself. How has this situational modification changed the way you think about yourself and others? What moments were particularly powerful, problematic, or weak? Did you find your attitude with regard to the project changing across time, and, if so, in what ways?

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