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Be Creative creat a Powerpoint presentation

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The assignment

Based on your Project 3 research, choose a focus to present to the class. What is the most important information for us to understand? You will present your sources in the form of an informative slideshow (Power Point or Google Slides), adding an introduction and commentary to explain the usefulness of the sources. I will evaluate the presentation primarily on the clarity and organization of the presentation of sources, as well as on the sources themselves.

Here are the steps to complete:

  • Decide on a focus. Your presentation needs a purpose: what do you want to tell the class about your topic, and why? (Who is it important to?)
  • Select sources based on their accuracy, context, significance, depth, and relevance to your purpose.
  • Find any additional sources needed.
  • Choose a format for the written presentation of your research. Imagine that youâ€ve collected the sources for an interested group. Would that group prefer a handout or brochure, a webpage, a slideshow (Powerpoint)? Ask me for help, if necessary. If you add images, make sure to use your own or look in Wikipedia Commons. Credit the source in a caption (whether itâ€s you or a website).
  • Decide on an organizational strategy. The written presentation needs a focused title, short introduction, and short annotations. You can put explanations in the Notes field, if that works better for you. Explain how the sources work together. Think about what would be rhetorically effective for your imagined audience. Put together the written presentation.

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