group dynamic team leader challenge


I want someone to answer the questions for this Team Leader Challenge.

Here is the scenario:

You are the head of a university department with 10 faculty members. Although you try to organize meetings using an agenda, things do not always work out as planned. Faculty members often spend too much time talking about minor issues and do not get around to dealing with important issues. Most of the time, you try to get the group to reach consensus on issues. This is because voting often fails to resolve the conflict over the issue, so you have to discuss and re-decide the issue in the future.

The dean is pressuring you to make a decision about an admissions policy for new students. You have brought the topic up several times in department meetings, but the faculty cannot reach an agreement about what the policy should entail. The dean wants an answer soon or he will impose a policy on the department.

Here is the questions you need to answer:

How can you (the head of the department) improve decision making at department meetings?

What type of decisions style should you use for the admissions policy?

If the department is unable tor unwilling to make a decision, how should you handle the situation?

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