HA520 Unit 5 Discussion

In at least 150 words Using two of those references answer the following 
Library Articles:
Coyne, J. S., & Singh, S. G. (2008). The early indicators of financial failure: A study of bankrupt and solvent health systems. Journal of Healthcare Management, 53(5), 333–345.
Kaufman, K. (2008). Managing risk in a challenging financial environment. Healthcare Financial Management, (8), 45–50.
Schuhmann, T. (2008). Hospital financial performance: Trends to watch. Healthcare Financial Management, (7), 59–66.
Shoemaker, W. (2011). Benchmarking boon: Tapping public available data to improve performance. Healthcare Financial Management, (8), 78–92.
Optional Textbook:
Finkler, S. A., & Ward, D. M. (2006). Accounting fundamentals for health care management (4th ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.
Chapter 7: “Reporting Financial Information: A Closer Look at the Financial Statements”
Chapter 8: “The Role of the Outside Auditor”
Chapter 10: “Inventory Costing: The Accountant’s World of Make-Believe”
Chapter 11: “An Even Closer Look at Financial Statements”
Chapter 12: “Notes to the Financial Statements: The Inside Story”
Chapter 13: “Ratio Analysis: How Do We Compare to Other Health Care Organizations?”
What is the key difference between financial statement analysis and operating indicator analysis? How are these types of analyses useful to healthcare managers and investors? Consider a healthcare organization with which you are familiar and discuss what are some of the problems or challenges inherent in financial statement analysis? 

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