HCM -400

Using your approved healthcare organization and the knowledge you have gained on capital budgets, identify what capital budget item or items will be used as the basis for the written capital budget proposal. Include how the proposal recommendations will reflect the big-picture view of healthcare. Please refer to the Notes on Operational Budgeting in Healthcare for final project budget guidance

HCM 400  Milestone Three  Guidelines  and  Rubric   Submit  a draft  proposal for  Section  I,  parts  C  and  D  (see  below).  Using  the  approved  healthcare  organization  and  the  information  you  have  gathered,  identify  the capital budget  item  or items  that  will be  used  as  the basis  for  the  written  capital  budget  proposal.  You  should  include  how  the  proposal  recommendations  reflect the  big-picture  view  of  healthcare.   Specifically  the  following  critical  elements  must  be  addressed: I. Introduction   C.  Opportunities:  Based  on  your analysis  of  the  major forces,  impacts,  and  opportunities  provided,  consider  the  specific  organization  that  you selected.  What  opportunities  exist  for  this  organization,  and  how do  these  opportunities  relate  to  the big-picture view of  healthcare?   D.  Proposal:  What  is  your  proposal  for  addressing identified  issues  or  improvements  within  your  organization?  In  other  words,  what  changes  are you  trying  to  incorporate  in  your selected  organization?   Guidelines  for  Submission:  Your  paper  must  be  submitted  as  a  Microsoft  Word  document  and  should  be  a  minimum  of  one  page  in  length  with  double  spacing, 12-point  Times  New  Roman  font,  one-inch  margins,  and  at  least  two  sources  cited  in  APA  format. 

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