Heart of Darkness: Racist Thinking

Heart of Darkness: Racist Thinking

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Use Montesquieu’s theory of climate and race to make an argument about whether or not Conrad’s Heart of Darkness is a continuation of this kind of racist thinking or an ironic reversal of it. Where do you think Marlow stands? What lessons did he learn from his encounter with Kurtz?This paper should be double-spaced, with 12-point Times font and 1-inch margins. Write to a university-educated reader who has not read these works. Your paper should include an introductory paragraph ending in a thesis sentence, a number of “body” paragraphs that flesh out the argument and provide evidence (quotes) from the text, and a concluding paragraph. It should be based entirely on class readings and your thoughts—DO NOT USE OUTSIDE SOURCES OF ANY KIND. Document references from the texts (quotes and paraphrases) with a parenthetical citation at the end of the sentence, ie (TOM 36) or (Conrad 56). (For the purposes of this assignment, you can cite either the author or our textbook as a whole—abbreviated as TOM for Trials of Modernity). Do use quotes as supporting evidence, but be sure to introduce the quote, then quote the material, then comment on it again. Do not use long “block” quotes: doing so is not a rhetorically effective technique in such a short paper. Feel free to summarize overall points in your own words and include a citation at the end if you’re unclear if this constitutes paraphrasing.

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