Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc

Strategic Recruitment is critical to the success of an organization in meeting its goals and mission because the organization needs people that can think out of the box and grasp concepts that are different from the normal. An organization is only as successful as it is able to keep up with change. By bring in strategic and aggressive people it allows the organization to bring in new and fresh ideas to motivate the current staff that maybe stale with confident from tenure.
Summary of the Case
Kelly, CEO, has been running Heidrick & Struggles making sounds, low risk, and financial investments in order to get his company to the next level; he now looks to more high risk, but yet higher dividend investment into technology. The technology investments do not have a long track record of dividend which concerns the company of its financial stability. How can Kelly convent them, that he is making an aggressive decision in order to get his company to the next level?

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The company probably has for years been buying stocks and bonds, and these investments are low risk and low pay out investments. Kelly no longer wants to maintain the organization, but he wants to grow the organization instead.
Alternate Courses of Action
There are likely better investments with a proven financial track record. I am sure that the organization trust Kelly’s judgment but simply wants more proven assurance that the decision being made are wise decision. Being able to track an investment returns over a longer time period can be proof enough of it financial worth.
My recommendations are to do more research on more technology funds in the technology field, look for companies with tenure within management and strong financial security. Even thought technology may be the current investment venture I would do more research to predict future market trends so that I could stay ahead of the curve.
Kelly wants to see his organization grow, but in the future make sure homework is done and brought to the table first for consideration. Kelly must be to do his homework and is able to actually believe in his research before he will be able to convent anyone else of his idea.

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