help me develop a proposal for a research design for program evaluation

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As the federal government of the United States slowly progresses out of the depths of historic
debt, we find ourselves looking back at how this debt came to be. Social debate and political
arguments have centered on the debt for years, if not decades, without any significant resolution
outside of new economic rhetoric and political mudslinging. We, as citizens, see debt in many
different contexts: deprivation, shame, even as a form of enslavement. Additionally, when we
ponder on the notion of debt, we frame our thoughts within the context of creditors and debtors;
creditors provide goods, services, or monies to the debtor requesting the items under the
condition that repayment is to be expected. Typically, debt is considered on an individual basis,
with one creditor and one debtor wherein the debtor accepts the debt itself. However, as we have
seen in the past several decades, government is ready and willing to accept debt as a term of
operating. Why are elected leaders so adept at accepting debt as a normal function of
The proposed research intends to examine the influence of groupthink, as constructed by
Janis (1982), within the legislative decision to accept the role of debtor on behalf of American
citizens. In order to examine the influence of groupthink on the process of accepting debt by
legislators, the proposed research will first elaborate on the concept of groupthink to base its
applicability to notion of debt acceptance. Secondly, the paper will examine instances where the
federal debt ceiling limit has been increased to allow for greater borrowing by the federal
government for operational costs. Finally, the paper will examine the roles and actions
perpetrated by legislators actively involved in the approval of raising the debt ceiling limit to
identify any potential symptoms of groupthink which may have occurred during the decision to
increase the debt ceiling limit.


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