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Hello, all. Full intelligence integration is difficult to achieve. To do this, I would ensure that all organizations utilized the same platform to disseminate their intelligence, and that once intelligence was disseminated, it was disseminated across the community, not just the agency. This is a large problem in my current position. My unit works hand-in-hand with the FBI on many investigations, however, I am not privy to FBI intelligence (prior investigations, a list of suspects in our area, the list goes on) and so many things fall through the cracks. Intelligence sharing has come a long way since 9/11, but there are still large gaps, and platforms are one.

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Silos are a legitimate problem within the community. Some teams (I am hesitant to say organization, so will limit it to teams) I have worked with are hesitant to share information with different agencies. There is a “glory” aspect to this, another aspect is that mission wires may cross. My team’s action may negatively affect the outcome of a concurrent team’s mission.

I believe that a new community or product channel needs to be implemented that will allow information that would reside in, say, an email, to be published. So much information is gathered that does not meet mission or publishing requirements. Ensuring that this information is recorded and stored in an informal database which could then be queried would be immensely helpful.

These things will allow the agency or organizational mindset to disappear, and facilitate communication and intelligence gathering among all elements.

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