Homelessness ( proposing a solution )

Outline of a Problem-Solution Paper
I.    Introduction
Problem is introduced and shown as a serious issue that needs resolution.
II.    Examine the Problem
Give more specifics of the problem, such as the causes and effects, and reveal how what is currently being done is not working.
III.    Discuss Current Solutions
Discuss what is currently being done about the problem and why it is not working.
IV.    Propose Solution(s)
Reveal a practical solution or solutions and show specifically how it is going to resolve the problem

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V.    Address Counterarguments and Overcome Them
Acknowledge some potential arguments against your solution and overcome their argument by showing how your solution(s) ultimately is the best option.
VI.    Conclusion
Come back to the severity of the problem and how your solution is the best answer. At this point you will want to really motivate your reader to see the possibly of change and how your solution is the way to achieve that.

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