Honor & Shame in Genesis 34

The goal of this discussion is to analyze aspects of honor and shame in Old Testament culture through the lens of a biblical narrative.

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Make sure you have reviewed the Honor and Shame lecture before completing this assignment. Then read Genesis 34, paying special attention to various aspects of honor and shame as related to the actions and intentions of the characters in the narrative.

Most commentators note that the connected context of this narrative is about Jacob (and his family). Jacob vowed to return home when he left his home in Canaan (Genesis 28:20-21). After 20 years with Uncle Laban, God told Jacob to return home (Genesis 31:13), but Jacob settled in Shechem instead of going back to his fathers house. So the greater context is about Jacob, but for this assignment you should concentrate upon the situation as presented in this chapter.

How would you explain the motivations of the sons of Jacob in this narrative and what would be the application for Christians today?

Instructions: Once you have posted your description, read the work of any other students and post 2 responses to their descriptions giving your thoughts on their statements. Your initial post and responses are due by 11:59 pm ET Sunday evening.
Below is a list of the lectures for the assignment they are very boring sorry about that, please do your best to listen to them I trully do appreciate all your hard work I could not have gotten this far without you.

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