Horizontal and Vertical Teaming

Reading One:
Click on the below link to read about vertical teaming.
Reading Two:
Read through the attached file on horizontal teaming.
· HorizontalTeaming.doc
Video and Media
Video One:
This video follows a team of teachers on Horizontal and Vertical Curriculum Alignment
Video Two:
This video follows several teachers on Best Practices: Collaborative Teams 
Video Three:
Watch step by step as a teacher plans out a lesson.
Culminating Assignment
Address the following questions in a 1 ½ page essay (Word, double spaced):  Why is team planning important to ensuring student success schoolwide?  Do you currently use vertical or horizontal teaming at your school? (I currently use horizontal) Explain how it is useful, or what you would change about it.  If you do not currently use horizontal or vertical teaming, explain how using these team frameworks could greatly benefit your current practices.  

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