How can the flight department save money in the area of maintenance?

1. Who is responsible for ensuring that the aircraft maintenance and inspections are complied with?

2. The purpose of business aviation is to provide safe, efficient, and convenient air transportation to support the mission and goals of

3. What are the three divisions of on-demand air transportation?

4. What is the purpose of IS-BAO?

5. At the time of this book being written, how many business aircraft (turbojet and turboprop) were being flown worldwide?

6. Which is an example of a variable cost?

7. Commercial air transport is separated by the FAA into

8. What happens to the total cost per hour as utilization increases?

9. Key-person insurance policies often use salary multipliers of what value to help better value the time of an employee?

10. How can the flight department save money in the area of maintenance?

11. The efficiency of the flight department refers to its ability to

12. In addition to being “functional,” the text mentions that the organizational structure should be

13. Which is a definition to tax depreciation?

14. Flight departments should view their activities primarily as

15. What method of trip approval offers aircraft users the most control over aircaft scheduling?

16. Which flight department function is a critical link between passengers and flight operations?

17. What key factor helps enable the the flight department to become an “essential” part of an organization?

18. What are the three essential management tasks?

19. Which is a warning sign that spells trouble for the flight department?

20. The reporting senior needs to have knowledge of the flight department at two levels. The first level is the big picture. What is the second level?

21. What must a manager do to have key managerial skills become a part of their repertoire?

22. Which is an element of execution?

23. What is one cause of the flight department to be lulled into a false sense of security?

24. What is the NBAA CAM program?

25. Why do managers, that have been promoted from the flightline, have such a difficult time performing in their new management role?

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