How Historical Architecture Elements Have Been Destroyed

How historical architecture elements have been destroyed in the buildings of Lass Vegas Lass Vegas is a city in the state of Nevada and the city is extremely populous and internationally known for the fine dining, gaming and shopping (Stern, Peggy and Alan 13). Lass Vegas proclaims itself as the world’s capital of entertainments due to its famous hotels combined with casinos. It may seem like all the great architecture of the world is gathered in one place: there’s Venice, Caesar Palace, Luxury, New York and Camelot Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and etc.
Directly low the Eiffel Tower, cicadas buzz in branches of the Roman pines that overlook the waters of an Italian lake. Suddenly, the waters burst into song: the voices of Andrea Bacilli and Cline Don rise into the warm night air and spectacular fountains sway in time to the music. Fifteen minutes later, the fountains are dancing to Elvis. ( Hollies, Edward) All these revolution of the themed casino hotel building took place in the sass, when casino owners such as Steve Wynn and Sheldon G Delano realized that Vegas didn’t have to be Just about gambling.
If they could turn Vegas into a loudly destination in its own right, they figured, then they could attract all sorts of people – folks from Out East, families, and so on, who would never have dreamed have coming before. And if they could attract those regular respectable folks, then they could attract regular money, too. But the architectural design used in the majority of the buildings in Lass Vegas is just a total replication of the ancient architectural design from various part of the world (Stern, Peggy and Alan 13).

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This meaner that most of its modern architectural design is a complete abstraction of the original design. The Lass Vegas hotels with the ancient architecture theme may have the similar fade of the ancient building but they are essentially still the modernism buildings. The ancient architectural buildings emphasize 3 elements like aesthetic, function and structure. All these three elements should marry together. The Lass Vegas buildings are like most of the modernism buildings which emphasize the space.
Space is deified in the modernism thus replaced the position of the symbol, bringing the architect to give up the combination of architecture and painting, sculpture, images, and no longer pursuit the symbol. Modernist international style of “less is more” from Miss van deer Roe as the representative to the simple and rapid industrialization nature adapted to the needs of the times, has swept the world. (Wick) As we all know Lass Vegas is an extremely commercialese city where advertising, signs and construction of the symbol itself is as important as the position, which has also become one of the images of the city of Lass Vegas.
Extensive use of neon at night makes the city showing a completely different image. This is a naked commercialism table. Billboards, similar to the trademark signs, neon signs, all this kind of exaggeration, mixed nightclub style architecture are not cohesive with the ancient style architecture. The Lass Vegas hotels mimicking the ancient style architecture buildings and at the same time mixed these entire modern commercial decorations extremely destroyed the classical style and the classical atheistic elements of the ancient architecture.
In the book LEARNING FROM LASS VEGAS, the author Robert Venture divided the symbolism of the local building into two types: a Decorated Duck, or decorate shed or huts. Long Island duck, Aberdeen (designed like a duck store) is a erect symbol of the space of the building. The Duck is a building that has so reduced itself in importance that it has actually become the sign. According to Venture, most modern architecture are basically UN-admitted Ducks. The real hypocrisy for Venture was that “… Odder architecture always demonstrated what it was by setting itself against what it wasn’t. ” But a duck is a duck. The overall structure of the way submerged in the shape of an elephant. Decorated huts are ordinary buildings with local giant billboards and markers. He describes functional boring architecture, auteur to the point of being difficult to recall, but carries a surface with applique© ornamental symbols. The billboard is higher than the construction, in addition to the front facade, the back facade of the building seems to be no style.
These billboards has become a symbol rich architectural language of the local business, on the other hand the building seems to be reduced only with the symbols of asylum. The buildings in the Lass Vegas with the ancient building look are Just the mixed of these two types. These hotels Just used the ancient building as a symbol of the space of the alluding. In S. Maria del Priority, as Venture, Scott Brown, and Ignore wrote of Lass Vegas, “architecture is a shelter with symbols on it. ” (90) The designs of the ancient architecture are Just working like a shell or out shape.
The essential elements are no longer inside of these buildings. With these ancient architecture shell, the hotels added the giant billboards to the front fade which is a total conflict with the classic style made all the ancient styles buildings more liked the cartoon type of architecture. The classical aesthetics have been destroyed by these cartoon type. In the eighteenth century Europe, however, aesthetics was a discipline in formation. (Irene Small, 18) The classical styles of the ancient architecture here became only a giant decoration of the hotels.
The elements of these building no longer emphasis on performance of the structure and function but on symbolic significance and the billboard, markers dominate the space. Luxury Hotel is a very prominent building in Lass Vegas strip due to its sheer size and the architectural construction design. The hotel is named after ancient city in Egypt. It was built with a unique Egyptian concept. Its structural design is perceived to be a pelvic of the Gaza pyramids in Egypt with huge sphinxes at the front of the building. The interior design of the building is a copy of the Egyptian artifacts, form it golden materials to the sculptures.
This is according to the Evolve Simpson who was the main architect of the Luxury building (Stern, Peggy and Alan 14) the building is Just a replica of the ancient pyramid in Egypt because its exterior design is composed of a black glass that encases the metal frame hollow structure. The inside of the building opens up to the largest open hall in the world, it’s lavishly decorate with very many productions of the Egyptian painting and artifacts which give the building a sense of ancient times. During the night, very powerful spotlights shoot straight from the building to the air.
These spotlights are even visible from space (Vinegar, 28). The Luxury Hotel, which was actually opened in the 1993, had a very magnificent theme of an ancient Egypt, when compared to the original pyramid but the architectural design borrows a lot of the modern technology while still trying to maintain the structural design of the original pyramid. Paris Lass Vegas is another building with a omelet imitation of the original architectural work. The building is located at the strip of the Lass Vegas. Its theme is the city of Paris in France.
It’s a 541 foot tall replication of the Eiffel tower, in a shape of a Montpellier balloon. It has a two-third size Arc De triumphed, which is a replica of the La Fontanne deer. Surging the architectural planning, the Eiffel scale model was supposed to be built to the full model. That is to the same height like original tower in Paris France. But the airport was to close and tower had to be shrunk. The Eiffel tower of Lass Vegas is in the scale f 1 in comparison to the original tower in Paris France. The Lass Vegas tower has another unique architectural difference from the original tower.
The back leg of the Eiffel tower come down through the ceiling into the casino floor. The Eiffel tower has a very significant structural deviation from the original tower. The tower is only 165 meters with about 5000 tons of welded steel and stands. This is about half the size of the original which is about 320 meters tall. This is a same height as of an 81 – story building. Furthermore, the Eiffel tower of France consists of a structure that made up f puddle iron that weight approximately 7300 tones, while the rest of the structure is made of nonmetallic components, which weights a approximately 10000 tones.
This demonstrates the economy of design which is much different with the Eiffel tower of Lass Vegas. Venetian hotel stands at the site where one of the famous old buildings used to stand. The Sand Building was restructured during the time when Lass Vegas was moving onwards in the field of architectural designs. The Sand buildings artistic design was altered and replaced with roman architectural design, which gave the Venetian building carved stone columns in the open lobby. Again these are Just the copy of the fade of the ancient architectural.
Caesar Palace Casino in Lass Vegas was constructed in 1965. The hotel was named Caesar Palace because the owner though that the name would evoke the thoughts of the loyalty because of the roman general Julius Caesar. The architectural design of the hotel had a roman architectural touch and a theme, signaling both ancient decadence and sophistication. The roman architecture framed the entrance with spraying fountains and may replicas of detailed roman statues all around the building. The idea of replicating the ancient roman architectural design was to make every guest to the hotel feel like a Caesar.
This ancient ideology is also represented by the absence of an apostrophe in the Caesar Palace, which meant that it is a place of many Caesar and not one. The Caesar Palace Just represents a fade of original architectural building design of the Romans. Lass Vegas has bee accused by critics as being uncultured, heartless metropolis with remarkably little patience with any architecturally outdated building in the city, which include its own historical building sites. Visiting the end of the Fremont Street one experience digress en walking past the hulking shell of Minneapolis. , without being aware of hope the building once represented.
However the building has lost its original aesthetic value and visitors have shown little to no interest in the building. The building has been into Fremont square as a part of the revitalization efforts. The ancient beauty and aesthetic value of the building has bee replaced with an animation of the modern architectural design. The building of the Caesar palace mimic all these ancient elements like arch and column mostly in a decoration way. The ancient Rome use Arches which were made of stones or bricks and placed on top of each other in a way that it can form and an arch and hold weight upon itself.
Also in the Rome the arches were used to hold the massive weight of the dome. The arches in Caesar palace’s ceiling works mostly Just as the decorating to resemble the ancient Rome building style and offer a glimpse into the ancient Roman buildings almost two thousand years ago. In fact, the hotel mainly used the columns from which originated from the Greek architecture. For the material, the ancient roman mainly used concrete and blocks. But the modern construction materials of the hotel are nothing similar to the brick and concrete walls.
The hotel used the modern day technological materials and were built using the state of art architectural technology (Bourns, 1 53) same like the Luxury hotel. The pyramid is used by the totally different material from the original ancient building with the giant glass. The fancy version of the sphinx, totally different scale of the building, all made these Lass Vegas pyramid more like a children’s park like buildings while the classical architectural pay attention to building as a whole. The four cascades in addition to the roof should be carved like a sculpture.
In Lass Vega’s extreme commercial environment, Buildings are made rapid, shallow and vulgar. In order to compete in this marketplace, a casino needs a virtual edge that fulfills the old role of the sign. The buildings are often renovated to get the glossy fades. In 1998, Steve Wynn transformed an image of the Italian Bellagio resort into drizzling fountains and “historic” two-story building facades, while in 1999, Circus Circus Corporation realized the Mandalay Bays Southeast Asian theme by bringing in 2700 tons of a sand. Buildings in Lass Vegas are in relentless change.
The outlooks of the building are mostly concerned in these Vegas buildings but not the structure. The ancient buildings emphasize the structure and that’s how they can stand there for over thousands of year. The sturdiness is a very important character of the ancient buildings while in the Lass Vega’s buildings these elements are no longer important. In fact, Vanity and fragility of modern architecture are criticized in Xavier Delver ‘s urban forms urban forms. Lass Vegas is the modern commercial city with visual propaganda in the business repose and business needs.
The benefits of social, economic, and visual impact largely affect the form and the shape of the buildings. The vision becomes an important factor of a way to attract eyeballs. Maybe that’s why they are mimicking the famous architecture in the world. But the essential elements of the architecture are totally lost in these commercial buildings in which the only logic is for the profit. The purpose of business is to make money; the purpose of commercial buildings is to service to make money. The buildings in Lass Vegas mimicking the famous architecture designs are Just the visual construction of the commercials.

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