How many tasks are on the critical path?

The ARC Company specializes in developing and selling a wide
range of highquality scooters. Sales representatives report that
there is a growing demand for racing scooters. ARC’s president,
Robin Lane, is excited about the possibilities and predicts that
one day these type of razor scooters will be featured in the
XGames. ARC is a small company and uses a strong matrix to
optimally utilize limited manpower.
Part A: Enter the tasks You are a member of a project team
assigned to develop the new razor scooter code named “Blue Zuma”.
The table A.1 contains the information necessary to create a
project schedule. For the purposes of this case assume the
• Time Durations are in Days
• The project begins January 1, 2016. •
Assume that no work is completed on weekends
Table A.1 2. Create a Memo that answers the following
1. What is the project duration based on Te?
2. What is the critical path for this project? (use ID numbers
such as 2–>3–>5, etc.)
3. How many tasks are on the critical path?
4. What is the chance that the project will be completed in the
duration of our current critical path?
5. What time should the project manager estimate if he or she
wants to be 95% sure that the project will be completed within that
time period?
6. What is the buffer time that should be added to a project’s
critical tasks in order to be 95% sure that the project completes
on time.
ID Description a m p Predecessor
1 Blue Zuma Product (Summary Task)
2 Market Analysis 20 25 30
3 Product Design 38 40 45 2
4 Manufacturing Study 15 20 25 2
5 Product Design Selection 9 10 12 3, 4
6 Detailed Marketing Plan 12 15 18 5
7 Manufacturing Process 25 30 40 5
8 Detailed Product Design 35 50 55 5
9 Test Prototype 10 10 15 8
10 Finalized Product Design 20 25 30 7, 9
11 Order Components 5 7 8 10
12 Order Production Equipment 10 14 15 10
13 Install Production Equipment 30 35 40 11FS+20d, 12FS +
14 Celebrate 1 1 1 6, 13



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