How would you create a training program for users of the Waiting Room Solutions software?

How would you create a training program for users of the Waiting Room Solutions software?

LP3 Assignment: Health Information System Evaluation

Imagine that you are the Project Manager of a needs assessment committee that is put in charge of selecting a new healthcare information system for the hospital. Your boss needs you to make a list of the criteria that will be used to select the new information system .For this exercise use preview the Allscripts MyWay EMR and Waiting Room Solutions demos. Choose one to compare to Practice Fusion. Explore all of the product modules, including each one that is available, such as the Patient Search functionality, Release of Information, Abstracting and Coding, Record Tracking and Record Completion. Explain how product features would or would not meet each one of the listed items from the needs assessment committee. This overview should be about a page in length and it should include any references in APA format.

To access the Practice Fusion EHR, go .

Click on “Or, take a tour” (located on the left of the screen next to “Sign up for free”)

Complete the information on the “Take a Tour” screen.

Click “Create Your Account”

A Welcome screen will appear with your practice ID and user name. You will need to choose a password on this screen. (Record your user id and password; Your instructor will not have this information)

Once you have entered your password, click on “Get started”

amandaharris Practice ID

aharris username

2.Assignment: News Story

Search the Internet for news about security breaches in healthcare in the last three years. Based on this information, create a news story for the purpose of reporting this information to the public. This story is purely fictional but based on the real facts that are included in the textbook summary. You can include in your news story a date that the event occurred, names of involved parties and as many additional details as possible. This news story should be about a page in length and any references cited should be inAPA format.



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