HPR 303 Week 2 Discussion 2

Research three TV/video announcements on health issues (not health products or pharmaceuticals). Identify whether numeracy was used within the announcements. If numeracy was applied, examine the appropriateness of its use for that message and intended audience. If numeracy was not applied, discuss how such an application would have improved the message overall and for its intended audience.

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Utilizing your analysis, recreate one of the TV/video announcements using appropriate numeracy and other health literacy skills learned so far in this course. Pay attention to your speaking skills (tone, inflection, etc.) and your appearance/non-verbal skills (facial expressions, dress, etc.) Please also post a description of what the viewers would see during this recreated TV/video announcement if it would be vastly different from the original.

Note: You must find actual video ads through various websites (YouTube (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. can be a helpful resources). You are required to redo this ad either through screencast or video. You are not being graded on your media creativity, but you will be graded on your ability to use numeracy and tone.

Guided Response: Review the revised TV/video announcement from at least two of your classmates. Explain how numeracy was used. Review the various health literacy skills and examine how your classmates were effective in both their speaking skills and non-verbal skills. Explain how you improve upon these skills.

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