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1) What was your biggest learning from this week’s reading material, video(s), or lecture? 2) Reviewing the 10 rules on the future of workplace, pick one rule in particular that may have the most impact on your current or future work. What is important about it? How can you take what you learned into your role or a new role? 3) After reading Chapter 14 in the Future of Work and Employment textbook and after reading and watching the articles/videos for week 9: A) What is Employee Engagement and what is the Future of Employee Engagement?  B) Is Employee Engagement different to those who work-from-home?  C) What about happiness at work? D) Of the 5 HRM models, which model would you rather work for and why? E)Are you Theory X, Y or Z (Ouchi Theory Z or Maslow Theory Z)? And why or why not? F)In the pinwheel HR model in the HR Basics YouTube video, which parts of the HRM pinwheel are you most interested in working in and why?  ****Files that start with WK 9 or Week 9 are for Questions 1 and 2***** *****Question 3, label each answer with A, B, C,…****** Thank you.

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