Human sexuality assignment

Library Assignment:

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Advanced General Education classes require students do at least one assignment involving library research. For this class, students are to use library resources to examine how the treatment of human sexuality has changed over time in the United States. The specific assignment follows.

Go to the library, find and examine a human sexuality book or journal or magazine article published before 1970, preferably before 1960. For example, you could find a human sexuality textbook for college biology students, or medical students, or professionals (Gynecologists, marriage counselors). Or a book/article written for the general public, such as on “sexual diseases”. “pre-marital or extra-marital sex”, on contraception, rape, on “healthy sexuality”, or “masturbation”, on “interracial dating”. You could look at old journal articles, such as in the Journal of the American Medical Association or the Journal of Human Sexuality, or at the Kinsey Report or the original Masters-Johnson study. The farther you go back, historically, the more interesting it will probably be (e.g. a 1910 book or article on masturbation or birth control or female “virginity” or divorce laws). There are so many choices you should have no difficulty finding something appropriate.

The Library Write-up should be one page long (approximately 300 words), start it on Criterion, achieve a 5/6 or Proficient, then submit it to Canvas following the usual submission procedures outlined in this syllabus. Address each item below:

1. Tell me where and how you got your book/article, including your “search strategies”.

2. Describe the article/book you chose: what was covered in the article, the author’s background and credentials, the probable audience, the general perspective of the article, and what kind of supporting data, if any, was provided.

3. Comment on ways in which your selection “reflects its age”- i.e. reflects sexuality attitudes, approaches, popular and scientific understandings, laws, behaviors, societal conditionings, etc. which are different from those you have learned about in class (lecture, text, and other readings, films, panels, etc.). This assignment is due per the syllabus and/or on Canvas.

4. Give the full reference/citation in Vancouver format, ie. “This study demonstrates the value of working in groups” (1). The bibliography would then have a full journal citation connected to this (1

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