I have an assignment in managing people organization class

Hello, I have an assignment in managing people organization class. This assignment due tomorrow evening. 
Individual Assignment 1:

Individual Assignment 1:..
Answer each question and provide support (citations and references) for your answers. You may use the textbook as support. Use correct citation and reference format, as well as correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Be sure to see the rubric on the class website. Please double space your Word submission. I have given suggestions as to page length, but this does not include the question itself. The entire assignment is worth 100 points. If you have any questions, please contact me.

1. In about one page, define and discuss individual competences for organizational effectiveness. Why are these important? Which one do you think you need to work on most, from the assessments you have taken in Chapters 1-4?

2. In about one page, define and discussion fundamental attribution error and self-serving bias. How has this contributed to mistakes you have made in judging other people?

3. The case of “Joe Salatino, President of Great Northern American” is interesting to those studying learning and performance management. In about one page, define self-efficacy and discuss how understanding the concept of self-efficacy has helped Mr. Salatino’s success. Note: The case is at the end of Chapter 4.

4. A. Define the expectancy and equity models of performance. 

Note: In looking at expectancy theory, there are three issues:
a. Can I do the job?
b. Is there a reward?
c. Is the reward valuable to me?
Equity theory basically consists to two sides of an equation: The employee’s work and his/her reward from it compared to another’s reward for their work. It is either fair or not fair, in the mind of the employee. And the other part of this is that the manager cannot pick the ‘other’ that the employee is using as a comparison!
B. Discuss how these two theories are different and how they might affect your management. 

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