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Managerial Analysis:

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The team will gather information about one current issue or problem the manager is facing and write a paper that provides an in-depth analysis of this issue or problem using principles learned in this class, concluding with a recommendation to the manager. This assignment challenges you to connect the real-life experiences of a business manager to the theoretical principles of management and to draw your own conclusions about how to approach problems that managers face in the business world today. Given the challenge or problem the manager is facing how might the four functions of management impact how they handle it in the organization. You will analyze this phase of the paper from the individual level of analysis. Here are the primary issues that should be addressed in the paper.

Manager Overview and Current Issue/Problem

Deborah Bianchi (Debbie) is a key holder and a sales manager at Macyâ€s. Her responsibilities include but not limited to interviewing, hiring, training new associates and creating schedules. She also manages sales numbers, goals and necessary paperworks. A challenge or issue she is currently facing is keeping up with the sales goals and numbers since the usage of online business is increasing by a higher percentage compared to in store shopping everyday. In fact what leads the in store sales to decrease is the retaining the best talents and conflicts within the teams at the workplace. A manager whose job is to interview and hire employees for the company plays the most important role in the company, because he or she needs to find the best fits for the right position and department. Deborah is having difficulties finding loyal employees or employees that actually are willing to work for the company not for their own benefits, someone that takes responsibility to take the time and get work done, according to Debbie and best employee needs to be punctual, ahead of schedule, and able to fulfill any task that they are asked for, which is not a very common skill among employees.

(How might the manager utilize the two functions to solve this issue/problem? )

a. Planning: What planning methodologies could be used to address the challenge? Are there any stakeholders that affect the issue at hand? Is there a certain strategy being utilized?

b. Organizing: Does the organizational structure assist with solving the problem? How does the organization manage change? Is the organizational culture helping or hurting the manager with the issue? How is decision making utilized by the manager?


  • well documented references and bibliography in APA format.
  • Need to write a paper analysis to answer two questions above.
  • The length 4 Pages

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