You are the president of the Local Union 312 Chapter. As the president of the union, you are the chief spokesperson and representative of the Local Union 312 to management. Next month you will start the collective bargaining process with management to get your union members greater wages and benefits, and better and safer working conditions. Write a 3-5 page research paper using APA style outlining the collective bargaining process. 

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The student will define and discuss what collective bargaining is. 
The student will research, outline, and discuss all of the steps of the collective bargaining process. 
The student will research, outline, discuss and evaluate of the best practices for collective bargaining strategies. 
The student will research, outline, discuss and evaluate the arguments against and pro collective bargaining. 
The student applied correct APA, style, usage, grammar, sentences and punctuation. 
The student supported the research paper with at least four different scholarly sources such as research journals, research studies, government or accredited educational institutions Web sites.

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