Improving Data Governance

Improving Data Governance
Effective information management and data governance are invaluable to an organization. For this assignment, first, explain the concept of data governance and its importance within an organization.
Then, identify two organizations that have benefited from implementing a technology that improved their data governance.
These organizations may be ones you have personal experience (SEC or ABSHER) with or that you have identified and studied through research. Briefly describe both organizations and then answer the following questions for each:
1. What technology did they implement?
2. Why did they choose that technology?
3. What business factors were evaluated prior to implementation?
4. What information deficiencies existed prior to implementation?
5. What benefits were gained after implementing the technology?
6. Do the benefits associated with the technology outweigh the costs?

The Textbook
(Pollard, C., Turban, E., Wood, G. (2018). Information technology for management: On-demand strategies for performance, growth, and sustainability (11th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBN: 9781118890790)
(10th ed.)(

– Use at least three references (including the Textbook)
– My mother language is Arabic, so use as easy and simple English as you can
– Try to write topics related to Saudi Arabian culture
– The first and most important reference is the textbook 
– Embed course material concepts, principles, and theories, which require supporting citations along with at least one scholarly,
peer-reviewed reference in supporting your answer
–  Plagiarism must be less than 20%
– If you use a book or a journal or a report as a reference, please send me the access link to the reference or attach the reference file when sending the order.
– APA style

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