In Acts 17:24, how does Paul describe God?

1. In Acts 17:24, how does Paul describe God?

2. Who was Paul talking to in Acts 17:16-33?

3. Why was the location of the Introduction to EDUC 305 video significant?

4. All of the following statements about Jerry Falwell are true except one.  Which statement is FALSE?

5. According to the semantic map, which of the following is NOT a form of validity to verify truth?

6. Which Latin term represents independent truth that does not rely on experience?

7. According to the semantic map, which term means the study of ultimate purpose?

8. According to the semantic map, there are five sources of truth.  All of the items listed are sources of truth, but one.  Which of the following statements is FALSE?

9. Based on the intro video, which of the following is a theme of this course?

10. According to the semantic map, what does the “A” in the metaphysical COAT represent that refers to a field of study that can help teachers understand their students’ commonalities and cultural differences?

11. The final core value of a Christian philosophy of education, according to Edlin, is  a focus on training the students to

12. The president of Handong Christian University in Korea asked the president of Wheaton College how they had maintained their Christian distinctive in contrast to Harvard and Yale, which were founded as Christian institutions.  What reason was given for this faithfulness to their Christian mission?

13. According to the reading by Eldin, parents are responsible to provide________ for their children.

14. According to Richard Edlin, the core values of a Christian philosophy of education include the centrality of the Bible, a biblical worldview, the importance of teachers, and the importance of

15. The Bible is central to the curriculum development process.

16. Justifying everything with a biblical quotation is called

17. One model for describing a biblical worldview, ascribed to by Chuck Colson and Nancy Pearcey, includes the following four themes:

18. The Christian perspective believes that children are impacted by their natural bent to sin.  Therefore it is important to

19. According to Edlin’s Core Values and Beliefs, education can be religiously neutral, just as science is a neutral truth.

20. Besides using the Bible in devotional ways, the Christian school should also use it for ____.  The following are all appropriate answers EXCEPT one.  Which one doesn’t complete the sentence?

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