In what specific situation would you NOT use this evidence when planning care for this patient? Why?

evidense based practice
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This research paper is to be based on a patient that I had. This patient had a patient that had a revision of her lumbar spine. He was a very heavy woman. It was very
painful for her after surgery. Movement increased her pain and she had a lot anxiety about being in pain. Due to the hospital protocol her urinary catheter was removed
48 hrs after surgery. This protocol you can research as part of this paper. it is to decrease UTI ect This caused her a ton of anxiety as well as pain every time
she had to use a bed pan. The catheter could have been left in per the nurses discretion due to the patient pain and anxiety. the patient actually cried when we told
her the catheter was going to be removed because she knew it would cause her anxiety and pain as well as the embarrassment of having 4 people help you every time you
had to urinate. Also she was on a diuretic so that increased her urinary output.
This paper needs 5 peer reviewed sources. The following are the actual instructions. There is a rubic I can upload so all the items needed are hit on.
Write a 3-5 page paper addressing the following questions. Use 5 peer reviewed references and use APA citing and formatting. For instructions on APA you can visit the
NTC online library. Submit your completed assignment by clicking on the above link to attach your paper.
1.When you think about the patients for whom you have been providing care during your clinicals in a past semester what could possibly be wrong with the best evidence
available to date?
2.In what specific situation would you NOT use this evidence when planning care for this patient? Why?
3.With whom would you consult (if anyone) in making this determination?
4.Are there data sources that we have not yet explored that could be helpful in considering [this problem or planning ways to alleviate it?
5.What questions do you have (about this problem or nursing practice related to care of patients experiencing the problem) that arent being addressed by current

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