Individual Assignment 3

Please answer the following questions. Each question is worth 200 points, so be sure that you answer thoroughly, define concepts, and use citations. A cover sheet/title page is required as well as a Reference page, formatted correctly. Please double-space the assignment.

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1. * In Chapter 12, the authors discuss the HC BRidge framework. In about a page or 2, please describe the framework and how you would use it in your career. What about the framework is important to your career?

2. * You are a leader in a regional manufacturing organization with several different plants across five states. Despite producing the same goods using the same equipment, some of them perform very well, while others are struggling to deliver parts on time and to quality specifications. The CEO wants to understand what is going on. How would you find out? Use about a page or 2 to discuss how you would investigate the problem, NOT the results you expect.

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