Informational Report Essay

Informational report
It is common to find that in most organizations, employee are willing to climb the corporate ladder in the best way they know how, to further on their educational credentials. Traditional modes of learning have essentially been inhibitory as they required face to face classroom or lecture hall interactions thus limiting the number of willing employees pursuing further education. E-learning is cow considered as one of the most innovative feature that has arisen in the education sector and many companies have embraced e-learning as a way of integrating new employees and improving the output of existing employees. E-learning has many advantages which include convenience, adaptability, and cost effectiveness. Among the disadvantages associated with e-learning are high drop out rate, lack of dedicated e-learning management oversights, poor motivation, technological challenges, poor student support, personal learning preferences, poorly structured course content and the lack of credible tutors.
This report seeks to critically look into what is e-learning, its advantages and disadvantages as well as making recommendation on how an organization can leverage itself to reap from the many benefits that are associated with e-learning. For an organization to realize the many benefits accruing from e-learning initiatives, the management must be willing to fully incorporate information technology as the backbone to better organizational efficiency. An organization has to design and introduce a working e-learning program structured to address the needs of different employee cadres which has to be continuously upgraded to conform to in-house policies as well as market expectations. Workers have to be allocated the necessary e-learning resources and motivation to enable them to study both at home and at work. An organization has to dedicate resources to en

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