International Health Systems Comparison

Health Systems Paper Format (minimum four references)
1)Description of Health Care System
a. Does it include universal coverage or not?
b. Different health care services offered
c. How is the system set up?
d. What roles do nurses and advanced practice nurses play in the system?
e. Is the system based on a preventative care model?
f. Provide a detailed description of the health care system.
2) Costs of Health Care System
a. How is the healthcare system paid for?
b. What is the responsibility of the individual, state, local, and government?
c. How do patients without insurance or ability to pay access health care?
d. Are there differences in coverage based on an income?
e. Is there a private system, public system, or combination of both?
3) Outcomes/Satisfaction of the health care system
a. Describe the positive and negative aspects of this health care system as documented in
the literature.
b. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this system?
c. Are the residents of this country satisfied with this system?
4) Differences with US Healthcare System
a. Describe how this healthcare system is different than the US healthcare
b. Compare and contrast the health care system you have chosen with the US health care
c. Identify the pros and cons of each system as well as similarities and differences.

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