International Strategy Design

For this project you choose an Oklahoma based company(choice of the writer but has to be located in Oklahoma) with little or no
International exposure and develop a report detailing a specific International strategy
designed to effectively reach their expansion goals.

Part 1:
1. Briefly introduce the company and its product/service; focus your description on any
firm-level characteristics that will influence its internationalization strategy.
2. Introduce the country you have chosen to enter. (Canada cannot be the choice)
3. Explain what this particular international context looks like.  Assess it’s competitive
landscape, domestic and international rivals, suppliers, distribution, etc.
4. Describe the political environment and the implications for an Oklahoma entry.
5. Explain the goals the company may be pursuing in its decision to expand
internationally (i.e., market seeking, knowledge-seeking, resource seeking, etc.) and
why this particular country presents an opportunity to meet those goals.
6. Describe the culture of the country and the strategic decisions necessary to account
for differences between Eastern and Western Values.

Part 2:
1. Describe how your business might be impacted by tariffs, subsidies, import quotas, and embargoes,
and how you will overcome these challenges strategically. This will require some research of your
chosen countrys current trade practices.
2. What types of FDI do you expect to undertakedescribe the specifics of the flow you foresee and what you hope to gain by making those investments.
3. Using an institution-based view, describe your strategic plan to respond to exchange rate and
currency fluctuation when conducting business in your chosen country.
4. Combine insights from an institution-based view with a resource-based view and describe the
strategies you will use to capitalize on the opportunities by global and or regional integration.

APA formatting:
1. Times New Roman 12 point font.
2. Double spaced.
3. One-inch margins, headers, and footers.
4. No title page or abstract required.
5. No extra spaces before or after paragraphs.
6. Top header should include the name and Strategy Project: Part 2. The header should be 1 inch
7. Include an APA reference page.
8. Use at least 3 in-text citations (1 on the company, 1 on the country)
9. No cover page or abstract required.

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