Internet and information paper

Internet and information paper BY breeder than happy to answer them for you. There are many things we can do with the Internet such as we can talk to people through chat and also video chat through Seep. We can also find out pretty much anything that we have any questions about using Google search or a multiple number of different search sites which yes It does make life a lot easier being able to have this advantage.
It Is hard to assess the value of the information on the internet but I will do this the best that I can. I personally find the internet to be of extreme worth. I use the internet for so many things. I would not be able to do my schoolwork without the help of being able to do research online I find out many things I need for my courses by doing simple searches. Your previous question now brings us to the question you have of how do you know what is credible information that we get from the internet. And the answer is we don’t always know.
Some of the things you may already have information on and can Judge on your own whether or not it’s believable. The information that you are looking for and don’t know hardly anything about it Is harder to find. When you don’t know anything about what you are looking up you should not stop on the first search you have done you should look Into other resources and compare Information and see how close and what sites Information match up and then you will know for future searches what sites are credible.

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You also asked about the digital divide. What the chital divide is the difference between the people who have access to the internet and the people who don’t so there is a digital divide between you and l. There can be many instances in the digital divide one of which is between people not having internet access which gives those of us who do have access to the internet as some would feel an advantage.
If I need to look up something I can do that without ever leaving my chair by logging onto my laptop or cell phone, you on the other hand would have to go and look something up in a book or library. Also say I need erections to get some where all I have to do Is download an application on my smart phone and It will give me step by step directions to where ever I need to go, where you would have to use a map I have never used a map and would not even begin to tell you how to read one.
The digital divide also means things other than just having access to the internet or to me it does I feel another form of the digital divide are things like Faceable and other social media. People who have Faceable can easily keep up with all their friends and know what is going on at any time during the day here the people who don’t have access to social media don’t have this advantage.
We also have access to up to the minute news anything going on anywhere in the world we can find out within minutes of it taking place. Now with that being said I believe in a different type of digital divide and that is between the people who have access to Internet. We as people have our phones constantly we are always on the internet and we are becoming people who don’t Interact unless it is through social media or text messaging we don’t speak to one another It’s all done through cell phones.
I feel that the delve could be bridged If more people either had the access to the internet or if those that did could live in the now a little bit and get off their explain all the questions you have for me regarding the internet and how it has its advantages in our everyday life. We as people in this day and age find it hard to function without internet access we are a group that has grown to rely on the internet and that probably is not a good thing but it is who we are and I hope you soon get to where you can access the internet as well because it can be a very helpful thing.

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