Interpreting the Sheriff Offices’ Chi-square

Below is a chi-square and Cramers V statistic from Maricopa Countys Sheriff Offices Annual Report (2014-2015). The tables tests the relationship between whether a driver had an item seized by that drivers race. The chi-square is significant, so a relationship exists.

What does this tell us about the organization? How does the Cramers V weigh in here?

Driver post-stop perceived race or ethnicity
    White    Unknown    Native American    Hispanic    Black    Asian    Total
Driver item seized – No    18747    271    401    5671    1988    569    27647
Driver item seized – Yes    268    2    23    131    47    5    476
Total    19015    273    424    5802    2035    574    28123
Chi-Square    64.29    **                   
Cramer’s V    0.048    **                   
+ p < 0.10; * p <0.05; ** p < 0.01

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