Introduction to Data Analysis (Statistics)

*Range from 150 to 300 words per    subject
*Integrate theory, research, and/or      professional experience
*Include specific examples and/or      substantiating evidence
*Include in-text citations and references      in APA format (Referenced necessary)
*Stay on topic and address the course      objectives
*Demonstrate proper spelling, grammar,      and scholarly tone
* This assignment requires to contribute 8 substantive post 

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Subjects are the following
1. Understand the types of data: qualitative and quantitative.
2. Read the bar, pie, and line charts and analyze information to make decisions.
3. Use Microsoft Excel® pivot tables to create frequency distributions and charts for qualitative data – bar and pie. Interpret information and make decisions.
4. Use Microsoft Excel® to create charts for quantitative data – time-series chart. Interpret information and make decisions.
5. Use Microsoft Excel® pivot tables to create frequency Distributions for quantitative data. Analyze information.
6. Introduction to descriptive statistics.
7. Evaluate and interpret measures of center – mean, median, and mode.
8. Evaluate and interpret measures of variation – range, standard deviation, and variance.

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