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Prior to beginning this journal entry, read “Metacognition” (pg. 128-134) and “Lifelong Learning” (pp. 247-253) in you required text. Also read the following required articles: “How Does Metacognition Contribute to the Regulation of Learning? An Integrative Approach,” “Reflective Journal Writing as a Metacognitive Tool,” “Metacognitive Knowledge in Relation to Inquiry Skills and Knowledge Acquisition Within a Computer-Supported Inquiry Learning Environment,” and “Promoting Student Metacognition.”
This week’s journal will differ from your previous entries. This week, you will be focusing on your self-development and how you apply metacognitive processes. Apply basic research methods and the alignment of content within research to the following questions and write an in-depth analysis about how your personal development in the learning and cognition domains have matured and developed through your formative years.

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What do you do now that differs from your past educational learning experiences?
How have your life experiences affected your self-regulation?
Have events in your life influenced your beliefs and how you assert yourself in the learning process? 

Next, apply skeptical inquiry to the resolution of problems related to your own learning and cognition development through the consideration of how memory and cultural implications affect you personally. How might you adjust your current strategies? Finally, apply ethical principles and professional standards of learning and cognition psychology that you have learned about to the complex situation of teaching or counseling others in the workplace. What implications should you consider when working with others?
Your writing should not simply answer each question. A fully developed personal analysis of your own growth and learning processes should be concise and well organized in a manner that exhibits your improved writing ability and reflects APA style guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. An introduction and conclusion should be included.
This reflective journal entry should be 600 to 700 words in length and should establish your understanding of the content, apply appropriate methods of ethical practices, and exhibits appropriate scaffolding of personal experience to the week’s content.

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