Kim Woods Only (Literature Review Draft)

Literature Review Draft   

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Submit a draft of your Literature Review including the introduction, research purpose and questions, literature review and conclusions.  If one or more sections of the paper are incomplete, include a brief description of what will be covered.  Instructor feedback will be given on how well the content of the Literature Review achieves your research purpose and answers the research questions; critical analysis, grammatical structure, flow of the writing, and the appropriate use of APA.

Attached is the research plan you wrote on the Literature review.

Attached is the format I need the paper to follow.

Additionally, below is the feedback from the Professor on the research plan:

Good job – I would recommend you stick to the sample format (*see attached) of the Literature Review when you do the final paper.  Your research questions need to be identified as “Research Question One….Research Question Two…..  See sample in Course folder.  Your third question needs “more focus.”  Are you saying that “ordinary people” are  not leaders? You will need to define “ordinary people” that really differentiate them from those with the “title of leaders.”  Are you referring to formal titles such as CEO, VP, Supervisor, Manager……?  How about parents, are they not leaders?  Food for thought?  Dr. Ben

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